Record Store Day 2016 Titles Announced


Lars Ulrich atones for his sins, too!

By Fred Mills

Here we go… you know the drill. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 16, and please don’t harass (too much, at least) all those overworked independent record store folks who bust their asses to put all that sweet wax into your greedy little hands.

Record Store Day this year will include exclusive stuff from such mainstays as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Doors, Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa, plus a ton of all the other usual suspects (Muse, Flaming Lips, Ramones, Patti Smith), A-list indie and indie-friendly folks (Alt-J, Death Cab, Run the Jewels), and the attendant B-listers, not to mention the expected mainstream bandwagon hoppers (e.g., Madonna, Florence & the Machine, Alanis – seriously?- Morissette). You can check out some coverage at Rolling Stone, which for some reason is foaming at the mouth about a CD from Metallica—the artist which is serving as this year’s RSD Ambassador—titled Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica!, from a 2003 Bataclan charity performance in Paris. CD, huh?

Intriguingly, Metallica selected drummer Lars Ulrich, who has previously gone down in music biz infamy as the guy who arranged for fans and collectors to be sued by the recording industry back at the dawn of the digital download era, to pen an official statement about their so-called “ambassadorship.” Ulrich writes, in part,

“As music becomes available either through only the internet or in gigantic airport-size retail stores, it is more important than ever – actually vital – that all us fanatics continue to bring to light the importance of records, and to support to the maximum of our abilities the independent record store outlet. The good news is, of course, that vinyl is making a measurable comeback. But that is not enough for us to rest on our laurels. We must all bond continuously together and scream from every rooftop with our loudest voices, enlighten our kids, fly the flag, and beat the drum (!) to the best of our ability.”

Hey Lars, about that “bonding” thing back in the ‘90s… but I digress. Read his entire statement at the RSD site. Maybe he’s ready to eat some earlier words since he’s so forthcoming with words in the present-day.

Check out the complete list at the RSD site HERE, or download the handy-dandy PDF HERE.


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