The (Record) Empire Strikes Back: Schoolkids Opens 3rd Store in NC


Make mine vinyl!

By Fred Mills

Biased? Yer goddam right – gotta support the home team here. I’d like to offer a big BLURT salute and tip o’ the Carolina blue hat to my friend and mentor Mr. Stephen Judge (last seen sporting a Wolfpack red hat, but who’s counting…), who some of you readers also know as the owner/publisher of this very magazine. A week ago it was announced that he was buying long-running Chapel Hill independent record store CD Alley and would be changing the name to Schoolkids – Stephen previously bought the Schoolkids in Raleigh in early 2012 not long before my family moved to Raleigh, and I helped him operate the store  for three years until moving back to the mountains last summer.

Meanwhile, a year or so ago he also opened a Schoolkids in nearby Durham, putting in motion a dream he’d had for some time, which was to restore the Schoolkids name as synonymous with “Triangle record store” – back during indie shops’ heyday in the ’90s, S-kids operated a number of locations in the Triangle and elsewhere, but as we all know, the ’00s were rather unkind to the music biz.

So a big salute to Schoolkids – all three of ’em – as well. Someone drop music biz pundit and avowed record store denier Bob Lefsetz a line to let him know that the world is passing him by. Viva le vinyl!

Check ’em out next time you’re in the neighborhood, folks. Make sure you ask whatever happened to that nice, knowledgeable DJ Friendly Fred when you do…


Schoolkids Raleigh

Schoolkids Durham

Schoolkids Chapel Hill


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