Ray Hanson (Thee Hypnotics) Debuts New Band Live in England


Here’s hoping a new album is in the works too…

By Fred Mills

Not long ago we featured a long-overdue appreciation of British rockers Thee Hypnotics, our correspondent Jonathan Levitt interviewing erstwhile guitarist Ray Hanson about the group and their classic LP Soul Glitter And Sin. Hanson also commented on his new project, the Whores of Babylon, saying, “I never stopped being creative, writing, recording, etc. since (and before) we split in ‘98, just stopped going out, that’s all…. I got five double gatefold sleeves, of “Whores Of Babylon” stuff, about 500 songs I’ve written and recorded that needs to be exposed to the world, a couple of box sets. [Stylistically], musically and otherwise they cover a lot of the same type of ground Thee Hypnotics covered, and some way too much to list or mention.”

So the other night in London Hanson unveiled his WoB band at Portobellow Live. Check out a video clip of the sonic evidence – it’s pretty kickass.

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