Rave-Ups’ Jimmer Podrasky Returns After 23-year Hiatus


Check out some new and old tunes below….

 By Fred Mills

 Everybody remembers L.A.’s The Rave-Ups. What, you say you DON’T remember the band? Cue up film memories Pretty In Pink and the band’s prominently-featured “Positively Lost Me.” Starting to remember? Well, don’t feel bad; such is the fate of cult bands who, despite immense potential, never quite got the correct marketing push from their label. In the case of the Rave-Ups, Epic Records simply wasn’t sure what to do with this proto-Americana, part-powerpop, pre-No Depression combo, and following a decade-long run in the ‘80s the band broke up, leaving behind three classic albums, Town + Country, The Book of Your Regrets and Chance.

As it turns out, frontman and principal songwriter Jimmer Podrasky is in the midst of one of the current era’s most improbable comebacks. There is a positively amazing story over at the Huffington Post about the circumstances surrounding Podrasky’s new album The Would-Be Plans; it involves Molly Ringwald, violent drug gangs, a brief but terrifying stint in the county loony bin, the power of childhood friendships, and even Bruce Springsteen’s pedal steel player. With a special cameo from the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. You gotta read it to believe it.

Meanwhile, the Podrasky album can be checked out, and ordered, over at his official website. At least two BLURT staffers are all over this ‘cos the music is first rate, and we think you’ll enjoy it. Tell Jimmer that Uncle Blurt sent ya….

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