Rare Rowland S. Howard Single Gets Reissued



Originally issued in 2005 in Europe.

By Fred Mills

It will come as no surprise to learn that we here at BLURT are big fans of the late Rowland S. Howard, from his Birthday Party tenure to These Immortal Souls and through his latterday solo work. (In 2014 we published a lengthy look at his swansong release, Pop Crimes, and followed that with a review of the Six Strings That Drew Blood anthology, both written by Michael Toland.)

Now comes word that the long-out of print “Autoluminescent” b/w “Ocean” single, originally released in 2005 and billed as Rowland S. .Howard & the Devastations, is being reissued via Spain’s Bang! label. The A side is actually a “revision” of “Autoluminescent” while the B side is a cover of The Velvet Underground´s “Ocean”. As Bang! notes, “This single has been out of the market and reached insane prices in the 2nd hand market. So here it is finally reissued.”

Below, listen to the original version of the song as it appeared on 1999’s ultra-rare Teenage Snuff Film album.

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