Rare Live/Acoustic Alex Chilton Set Due from Bar/None


The label is set to release Electricity by Candlelight by Big Star’s Alex Chilton on October 8. 

 By Blurt Staff

 Details: “On the night of February 13, 1997, Alex Chilton and his band were getting ready to play their second set of the night at the Knitting Factory in New York City when the lights went out. What happened was this album, a spontaneous off the cuff performance by Alex on a borrowed acoustic guitar with his drummer Richard Dworkin sitting in for half the set. It’s Alex Chilton thinking on his feet, totally in the moment, bouncing songs and ideas off the folks that stuck around for a real, one-of-a-kind exchange. “Fortunately long time Chilton fan Jeffrey Vargon was there at the Knitting Factory with a tape recorder. His remembrance of the night is included as liner notes with the album package. This recording is taken from the original source tape…. Much of the material he never played before or after; a lot of country, some Beach Boys and a few songs he may not have played until that very moment. Keeping with the country flavor is a rare studio recording of Alex doing “Bet Your Heart On Me,” a 1981 country hit by Johnny Lee. Chilton’s version originally appeared on a compilation called Love is My Only Crime and is added as a bonus on the CD.”

 Chilton passed away in 2010. Below, watch a clip of Chilton performing on a borrowed acoustic guitar (which happened to belong to the editor of BLURT) for an MTV “120 Minutes” feature:

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