Pyrotechnics! Spurting blood! Toppling buildings! New Feelies video!


Subject header fake news alert…. Above, meet the Fab Five.

By Fred Mills

Now that we’ve got your attention, please watch the new Feelies video. It’s for the most excellent song “Gone Gone Gone” from the even more most excellent album “In Between,” to  which our reviewer recently awarded a 4-out-of-5-possible-stars review.

Indeed, on the album, the NJ quintet seems wonderfully relaxed, unconcerned with clock-watching, and this makes the gradual upshift over the course of it—from tuneful folk-rock tropes into the noisy fuzzed-out garage motifs heard in “Been Replaced” and “Gone Gone Gone”—feel all the more natural and compelling. I mean, no one’s going to confuse the scholarly—nerdy, even—Feelies for a wooly group of jam-band marauders. But when they feel like putting their feet to the pedal, there’s no stopping ‘em.  This track’s a perfect example – and this low key video is a beautifully perverse way of underscoring exactly that.

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