Producer Sandy Pearlman Medical Expenses Mount, GoFundMe Established



It’s called giving back to the people who’ve made a difference.

By Uncle Blurt

Please don’t make me introduce Sandy Pearlman—you’re definitely reading the wrong rock rag if I do have to. Instead, let me just drop a few names so we can all nod in agreement: Blue Oyster Cult. Dictators. The Clash. Dream Syndicate. Black Sabbath. Romeo Void. Hell, fucking Crawdaddy! Magazine.

Got all that. Good. Now get your tails over to his GoFundMe page and cough it up. The Sandy Pearlman Medical Fund has been established for the ailing producer by rock scribe Robert Duncan and his wife Roni, and I’ll just let them lay it out below via Duncan’s post at the page:

“I probably don’t have to tell you that Sandy Pearlman is one of the most important figures in rock history. In December, 2015, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that left him unable to walk, talk or fully comprehend his circumstances and in need of enormously expensive care.

“My wife, Roni Hoffman, and I are his friends of 50 years. In the absence of close kin, we felt compelled to go to court and become his conservators. We will be withdrawing and administering these funds. We are unpaid, unreimbursed and stand to earn or inherit nothing, which is as it should be. We do it because we admire Sandy as an artist and, more importantly, are grateful for his decades of friendship and generosity.

“In case you are not as familiar with Sandy’s career, he is a pioneer of rock criticism, at Crawdaddy and other seminal publications, a pioneer of heavy metal (a phrase he may have been the first to use, as a rock critic), a pioneer of punk, paisley underground and goth. He is a poet, producer, songwriter, manager, label owner, member of the Library of Congress preservation board, professor of music and philosophy at McGill and University of Toronto. He is a man who has devoted his life to art — making it, making it possible and making it come to life for students and others.

“In every way, a pioneer.

Sandy was the visionary behind the Blue Öyster Cult, as well as its co-producer, co-manager and lyricist (in the SNL “More Cowbell” sketch, Christopher Walken plays a fictionalized Sandy overseeing the recording of “Reaper”). He was the force behind the Dictators, whose Dictators Go Girl Crazy, co-produced by Sandy, was, arguably, the first punk album. He produced the Clash’s first US release, Give ’em Enough Rope, as well as the Dream Syndicate and Pavlov’s Dog, among many others, and he managed Romeo Void and Dio-era Black Sabbath. And not that it matters to a guy who’s all about the art, he’s also the recipient of 17 gold or platinum records.

“Though Sandy would be too proud to solicit outside help, we’ve decided there is no choice, in light of the extraordinary costs, the draining of his personal resources, and the expiration, on July 7, 2016, of his healthcare coverage. The funds we raise here are urgently needed and will be used, promptly and exclusively, to pay for his skilled nursing facility and all associated care, including nurses, doctors, diagnostic tests and physical, speech and occupational therapists.

“Roni and I and all of Sandy’s friends and fans thank you for giving this great musical figure a greater measure of comfort, and hope, through his greatest trial. I will be sure to update periodically on his progress.”


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