Posies Announce New Album


First full length in six years; major tour of “unconventional spaces” also announced.

By Blurt Staff

Solid States is the name, and the Posies are in the game – for the first time in six years, it turns out, as Solid States is the long-overdue followup to the power pop icons’ 2010 album Blood/Candy. It’s due out May 20 on the MyMusicEmpire label.

In a statement, co-founder Ken Stringfellow noted, “So many things have changed, either by choice or by circumstance, in the six years between this album and the one before it. We’ve had two bandmates die, a divorce and remarriage, a transoceanic move … There’s been good things and difficult things, but nothing is in the same place for us.  So it makes sense that this record would sound different from its predecessors.”

His bandmate and co-founder Jon Auer agreed, adding, “I think it’s our most adventurous record to date. There was the conscious idea to strive for something different from the Posies of past, to use different colors and flavors. That was the plan, but then life had its way with our concepts and schedules, and threw many profound, out-of-the-park curveballs in our direction. By this point, we’d already painted ourselves into a musical corner, which ultimately left us no other option but to figure our way out, bit by bit, wave form by wave form.”

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Also in the mix this time around: drummer Frankie Siragusa, who’s also currently touring with the band, along with ex-Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock and singer Gizelle Smith, as well as Auer’s wife Tiz Aramini and Stringfellow’s daughter Aden.

There is to be a Solid States Secret Shows tour of the U.S., launching in scenic Van Nuys, Calif. on April 28 and wrapping in Oakland on May 29 (dates below). The actual venues, however, will only be revealed to ticketholders! Meanwhile, let’s traipse back to the past for just a few moments….

Thurs., April 28 – VAN NUYS, CA

Sat., April 30 – LOS ANGELES, CA

Sun, May 1 PHOENIX, AZ

Wed., May 4 – AUSTIN, TX

Thurs., May 5 – DENTON, TX

Fri., May 6 – MEMPHIS, TN


Sun., May 8 – CHAPEL HILL, NC

Tues., May 10 – WASHINGTON, DC


Thus., May 12 – NEW YORK, NY


Sat., May 14 – NEW CANAAN, CT

Sun., May 15 – PITTSBURGH, PA

Tues., May 17 CHARLESTON, WV

Wed., May 18 – NASHVILLE, TN

Thurs., May 19 – CHICAGO, IL


Sat., May 21 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Sun., May 22 – RAPID CITY, SD

Tues., May 24 – BOISE, ID

Wed., May 25 WALLA WALLA, WA

Thurs., May 26 – SEATTLE, WA



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