Polaris/Miracle Legion Guys for “Pete & Pete” Vinyl, Tour


Who said TV’s a teenage wasteland, anyway?

By Blurt Staff

Polaris, “the band that once only lived in your television” but was/is actually Mark J. Mulcahy, Scott Boutier and Dave McCaffrey (aka Muggy, Harris and Jersey, aka Miracle Legion), not only has a US tour coming up but will also release new vinyl in April. Say what?!?

Their only album, ‘Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete’ , is slated for Record Store Day April 18th, 2015. Re-mastered by Ryan Smith and re configured by the legendary Paul Kolderie, this will be its first ever release on vinyl.

The backstory: Known as the house band on the mythical ‘90s Nickelodeon show ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’, Polaris had never played live until last year. The band released a record in 1999 and then waited 15 years to tour. What began as a one off show at Comic-Con NY turned into sold out shows in Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, even Iowa. In April the band plays its only Boston show before heading to Spokane to start its first ever West Coast tour.

‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’ was about two brothers named Pete, and featured an amazing list of guest stars, like Steve Buscemi, LL Cool J, Patty Hearst, Debby Harry, Michael Stipe, Adam West, John McLaughlin, Iggy Pop and many, many others. Polaris wrote much of the music including the shows iconic theme song ‘Hey Sandy’.
Tour dates:

4/16 – Brighton Music Hall, Boston
4/21 – The Bartlett, Spokane
4/22 – The Crocodile, Seattle
4/23 – Aladdin Theater, Portland
4/24 – The Chapel, San Francisco
4/25 – The Echoplex, Los Angeles
5/09 – College Street Music Hall, New Haven
5/15 – Highline Ballroom, NYC
5/16 – Underground Arts, Philadelphia

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