Poison’s Rikki Rockett Diagnosed w/Cancer



By Blurt Staff

Earlier this year Poison’s Rikki Rockett was diagnosed with oral cancer, as he disclosed this week on SiriusXM satellite radio show “Eddie Trunk Live.” Blabbermouth.net reports that the drummer has “recently completed nine rounds of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation after being diagnosed with oral cancer this past summer. The 54-year-old rocker will undergo a PET scan in February to determine if the treatment was successful.”

Rockett added that he first became alarmed in June when he experienced “this horrible cold, sore-throat thing” and a subsequent biopsy revealed a tumor at the base of his tongue. The cancer apparently is highly invasive, but treatable and curable. Rockett eventually underwent nine rounds of chemo and 35 rounds of radiation therapy.
“That kicks your dick into the dirt. But I went, ‘Okay, this is what I’m gonna do. I wanna beat it, so I’m just gonna go head first into this. I’m gonna set myself up where every single day, I do something positive for my health. I’m gonna work out one day, I’m gonna go to therapy one day.’ I go to this occupational therapy where they do swallowing and speech and stuff like that, to keep your neck going. Regular therapy, acupuncture…”

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