Pogues’ Philip Chevron R.I.P.

Philip Chevron

Band announces the sad, though inevitable, news this morning.

By Fred Mills

A little over a month ago the music world was saddened to learn that Philip Chevron, of Pogues and Radiators From Space fame, was suffering from terminal head and neck cancer and hadn’t been given long to live. To that end, friends, family and erstwhile bandmates gathered at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on Aug. 24 for a tribute concert – a deeply emotional one at that, one which also saw Chevron coming out onstage to thank everyone.

Earlier this morning the following post appeared on the Pogues’ Facebook page:

After a long illness we are sorry to inform you that Philip passed away peacefully this morning and we all send our sincere condolences to his family.

Very sad news indeed. Chevron was only 56. There’s been an outpouring of sentiment from commenters at the FB page, naturally. More details as they develop, but meanwhile, check out a couple of clips (including Chevron’s appearance) from the Dublin concert.




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