Podcast du Jour: Brother Brother Brother


The family that plays records together, records together, it would seem.

By Fred Mills

No, it’s not a Marvin Gaye celebration, although we suspect the principals would all agree that a Marvin Gaye celebration is always a good thing. Point of fact, it is a MUSIC celebration—specifically, the Brother Brother Brother podcast—by three brothers from three marriages and from three different generations. They were all born roughly a decade apart and therefore, with birth dates of 1968, 1976 and 1988, each representing a key musical decade.

They are Wyndham Lewis (who you might remember from past BLURT-dom, such as this review), Jeremy Sartori and Christian Lewis, reporting in from three different cities, Los Angeles, Boston and Brooklyn. As Wyndham tells us, they discuss “one shared passion: music! I grew up on college radio, import bins, and all-ages shows and passed along that fervent fandom, and as Jeremy and Christian grew up and technology evolved, the conversation shifted and now I learn from them. The fact that we span three decades is what makes the conversation peculiar, remarkable and worth hearing.”

We’ll have to give a solid boy howdy to that. You can find the podcast at the Brotherpod.com site—Episode 18, “Second Fiddles,” is the most recent one, and it concerns great songs by groups that are sung by someone other than the frontman—and fresh episodes are posted every Thursday. They also have some awesome Spotify playlists to check out. You can snag the podcasts via iTunes, Stitches and Google Play.

The brothers were recently profiled at the Boston Globe, incidentally.

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