Play Yourself Some ABBA Monopoly


I’d like to play as the platform boot, please…

By Barbi Martinez

Mama mia! Or, more accurately, MONEY mia! The money-based game Monopoly has joined forces with Sweden’s biggest export, ABBA. The name of the new game? ‘ABBA Monopoly,’ of course. Just in time for Christmas, natch.

The basic principles for the board game are the same as they have been since it first saw the light of the day in the 1930s – it’s all about buying and selling properties. But the difference in this special edition is that instead of streets, you’re buying single records, and instead of real estate, you’re buying recording studios.

This version of Monopoly also features six tokens with an ABBA connection: the Napoleon hat (from the ABBA hit “Waterloo”), a platform boot, a vinyl record, a money bag (a nod to ABBA’s classic “Money, Money, Money”), a telephone (relating to the early ABBA single “Ring Ring”), and a star-shaped guitar token like the one Björn used in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. All copies of ABBA Monopoly feature text in both Swedish and English.

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