Pixies Implode; Kim Shattuck Gets the Boot


Well, that didn’t last much longer than a summer vacation fuck, now, did it?

 By Perez Mills

 Meow! New Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck of The Muffs has reportedly posted at her Facebook and Twitter  pages about how she is “super disappointed to learn that my time with the Pixies ended today.” (Today being Nov. 29.)

 Shattuck’s loudly-publicized tenure as original Pixies bassist Kim Deal’s replacement lasted a full 5 months, as it was announced in early July, and then she debuted a few months later, on Sept. 6, in L.A.  Meanwhile, a North American tour, followed by a Euro tour, kicks off Jan. 15.

 Yep. This is making that somewhat-but-not-that-thrilling Breeders tour from the summer seem a lot better, eh?

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