Phil Ryan of Welsh Group Man 1946-2016 R.I.P.


One of the best UK bands, ever. Above: most recent incarnation of the group.

By Blurt Staff

Sad news broke over the weekend of the passing of Phil Ryan on April 30. He was a key member of Welsh group Man during its Seventies heyday. He was 69 at the time of his death, although a cause has not yet been announced.

(Man had gotten started in the mid/late ‘60s, incorporating pop and psychedelia, gradually evolving into a more jammy, occasionally Prog-tilting, sound featuring long, Grateful Dead-like improvisations. In fact, Man was often likened to a U.K. equivalent of the Bay Area bands; the fact that John Cipollina, guitarist for Quicksilver Messenger Service, hooked up with Man for a tour and the resulting Maximum Darkness album, didn’t come as a huge surprise for fans.)

Born in Port Talbot, Ryan had originally joined Man in ’72, having previously played in The Smokestacks, The Eyes of Blue, Pete Brown & Piblokto, and the Neutrons (with Will Youatt). He and Youatt were on hand for Man classics Be Good To Yourself At Least Once a Day and Back Into the Future. Later, the pair left Man to re-form the Neutrons, but Ryan would later come back into the Man fold for its final incarnation in 1975-76. He would be on hand for several of the Man reunions, including the most recent lineup; he also worked again with Brown in the ‘90s. Below, check out some choice Man. After that is a clip of Ryan and Brown.

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