Peter Hook Has 2nd Memoir Due, Substance: Inside New Order


Get ready for at least two less-than-salutory reviews from Barney and Stephen.

By Barbi Martinez

Bassman extraordinaire Peter Hook penned one of the best rock bios in recent memory with 2012’s Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division (It Books) – reviewed HERE. It was well-received, to say the least, although it probably didn’t do much in terms of patching up the long-standing feud between Hook, who regularly tours with his band The Light and performs Joy Division music, and his erstwhile bandmates. One of the, of course, is dead.

Hook returns to the memoir well in October for what’s essentially Part Two: Substance: Inside New Order (Simon & Schuster UK). Here’s the Amazon UK product description; no word yet on an American publisher. Incidentally, the BLURT editor got to see New Order twice shortly after they formed from the ashes of Joy Division, and he tells me, “They were just a three-piece and had not yet gotten Gillian for keyboards. Basically they were fulfilling previously-scheduled tour dates for Joy Division, which of course were cancelled following the suicide of Ian Curtis, and they were still playing mostly Joy Division songs in concert. I saw them on a double bill with labelmates A Certain Ratio in which they played two gigs in one week in NYC, alternating headliners. Pretty damn amazing.”


Two acclaimed albums and an upcoming US tour – Joy Division had the world at their feet. Then, on the eve of that tour and the beginning of what would surely have been an international success story, the band’s troubled lead singer, Ian Curtis, killed himself.
     ‘We didn’t really think about it afterwards. It just sort of happened. One day we were Joy Division, then our lead singer killed himself and the next time we got together, we were a new band…’Peter Hook
     That band was New Order.Their distinctive sound – a fusion of post-punk and ground-breaking electronica – paved the way for the dance music explosion of the ’80s and earned them the reputation as one of the most influential bands of their generation. Despite their success, the band has always been a collision the visionary and the volatile, and relationships have often been fraught with tensions.
     Peter Hook has written a no-holds-barred, comprehensive account of the band’s entire history, packed with outrageous anecdotes and including every set list and tour itinerary and interspersed with ‘geek facts’ of every piece of electronic equipment used to forge the sound that changed the direction of popular music.

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