Perfect Sound Forever Interviews Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly

As PSF mainman Jason Gross and the rest of the world ponders – how did we let him abuse young black girls for years?

By Fred Mills

I’ll keep this brief. I have known veteran journalist Jim DeRogatis for decades, stretching back to when both of us were contributors to a humble little East Coast zine called The Bob. His career as a thorough, ethical, and – let’s say it – relentless reporter speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, I will second my above sentiments for the equally veteran journalist Jason Gross, founder/editor of acclaimed music website Perfect Sound Forever (and no small fry when it comes to his contributions over the years to Blurt and other publications of note, incidentally).

So these two vets recently had a summit regarding DeRo’s explosive new book, Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly. I trust I do not need to supply an introductory statement as regards the (cough) good Mr. Kelly and his (cough) legacy. Just go to the latest Perfect Sound Forever and read on… and then pass the link on as well.


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