Paris Shootings/Bombings Linked w/Hostages/Killings at Eagles of Death Metal Show


Most recent update cites 100 possibly 159 killed…

By Blurt Staff

The story is still unfolding, and it’s already turned into a multiple-killing tragedy but one thing relevant to music fans is that the shootings-bombings incidents going on right now (8pm 9pm EST, Nov. 13) is that the Parisian rock club Bataclan is the site of a hostage-taking incident – and it’s also where US group Eagles of Death Metal were performing at the time of the incident, and it’s likely that 100 or more an undetermined number of people at the venue are dead. However, as CNN is reporting live from the scene right now, the tally thus far appears to be 159 and counting from the Bataclan and other locations. There appears to have been a coordination of six or seven separate attacks in Paris, including the Bataclan club. Two gunmen (now described at terrorists) were reportedly killed in a shootout at the club, incidentally.


CNN was able to reach the brother of one of the members of the Eagles of Death Metal, who reported that the bandmembers were able to get out of the club shortly after the shooting started.

As details are sketchy, other than that it is known that in excess of 16 people have been confirmed as killed across the span of the various attacks (presumed to be terrorist oriented, but no way to know yet), we will refrain from commenting further. Here are some links:

The Guardian UK:



New York Times:



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