Paramore/Fueled By Ramen Gouge Fans w/$18.98 List Price



So stream it, instead, and use the money you save on orange hair dye…you punk kids probably already know where to steal the MP3s or FLAC files, though, har har…

 By Fred Mills

 The album is Paramore by Paramore, and it’s purportedly “one of the biggest punk rock releases” for the first half of 2013. Uh-huh. Well, Green Day’s Uno was OTFBPRR of last year, too, and likewise, Paramore is following in Billie Joe & Co.’s footsteps by taking the very punk tack of pricing its new album at the top-tier list price of $18.98.

 Eighteen fucking ninety-eight? Dollars? Really? That’s for the CD, by the way.

 Isn’t that what you pay for a Barbra Streisand joint? Or Rod Stewart? (By comparison, the new album from The Knife, Shaking The Habitual, has a deluxe 2CD edition boasting elaborate packaging and a pair of posters – and priced at $19.98 list. Think about it.)

 Jeez. I’m old enough to remember when music fans were up in arms over Tom Petty’s record label, MCA, pricing his new vinyl LP at $10.98 list. Petty himself wasn’t too pleased, and the ensuing artist-label war was pretty bloody. Many years later, a little digital demon called Napster rebelled against the music industry for routinely releasing CDs at the $17.98 and $18.98 price points. You know how that played out…

 Nice move, Paramore. This will surely endear you to all your fans.


Timely is as timely does, though: while the below will technically qualify as free promotion for Paramore and its theoretically greedy label Fueled By Ramen (who do you think sets these damn list prices anyway? Donald Trump?), at least you Paramore fans – I know you’re out there, I can hear you breathing – will be able to get your fix, totally gratis, this week through April 15 via a free stream of the album, and the stream will include a couple of tracks not on the physical edition. My suggestion? Download a program that converts streams to MP3s and burn the sucker to a CDR. But that’s just me. Here are the details…

Rdio will stream Paramore exclusively on Rdio starting April 9 at the following link

 In addition, Rdio will feature two bonus tracks not be available through any other music streaming services.   The exclusive free streaming will continue through April 15 and allows fans to listen to the full album, including the current hit singles “Now” and “Still Into You.” The two bonus tracks from the band are “Escape Route” and “Native Tongue,” that were created during the recording of the new album.  Both are new, previously unreleased songs that will be available exclusively to Rdio listeners, and they will continue to be available only on Rdio after the one-week exclusive album stream. “Paramore has created a definitive place in the music scene with a trademark inescapable sound and talent beyond their years,” says Drew Larner, CEO of Rdio.  “The Rdio team is thrilled to be teaming up with the band to deliver exclusive content around the new release and look forward to supporting them on what will surely be another massively successful album.”

 Yada yada yada….