Pandora Challenges Spotify for Uber Advantage


Yeah, but whose queue of bands are going to be suggested, the driver’s or the passenger’s?

By Barbi Martinez

Streaming music service Pandora may or may not have been losing ground steadily to Spotify, but with millions of users it’s not quite ready to say “uncle” just yet. (Personally I find Pandora to be clunky and not particularly suggestion-smart, but that’s just me… You may have noticed that we have a Spotify player on the Blurt site and not a Pandora player.) The latest P versus S battleground appears to be Uber. As Digital Music News is reporting:

“Starting today, the Pandora program will be available for all Uber drivers in the countries in which Pandora operates (for now that remains the US, Australia and New Zealand).  The service will also be ad-free for the first six months.For Uber, the partnership allows all drivers to access the music service whilst inside the Uber app, which makes accessing music [simpler than with Spotify].  The main difference is that in order to access Spotify the driver has to come out of their Uber app.  At this point, the driver generally hands their phone to the passenger to choose from Spotify’s catalog, a major complication.  With this new partnership, the driver can access the music service whilst inside the app.”

I suppose this is better than relying on the Uber driver’s CD collection, which has led to some fairly ghastly scenarios for yours truly. Something about being shuttled home from an evening of house music at 2 a.m. and being forced to listen to old Shania Twain songs just ain’t my idea of a “good ride”… At least with Spotify I can pull up my personal playlists and know that a series of songs I personally selected with cue up, albeit in shuffle mode.

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