Oz Legend feedtime Returns w/In The Red LP


As the record label puts it, “First new album from Australia’s favorite misanthropic noise-makers in over 20 (!!!) years.”

By Michael Toland & Fred Mills

When Australia’s great Feedtime reunited in 2012 for a U.S. tour in celebration of The Aberrant Years, Sub Pop’s compilation of the trio’s first four albums from the ‘80s, we Americans thought that was the best it was gonna get. Little did we know that the Sydney avant-noise rockers were hatching plans for new music. Following 2015’s out-of-nowhere new single “Flatiron” b/w “Stick Up Jack,” Gas is the first Feedtime record since 1996’s Billy, and the first one to feature the original lineup since 1989’s Suction (a seminal record for anyone interested in Australia’s noir rock underground, or in great 80s indie records in general). It’s out on vinyl and CD on April 7 via everyone’s scuzz rock-loving pals In the Red Records – info here. (Make sure you look close – the limited edition green vinyl version is sure to sell out on preorder long before the record actually hits stores.) You can find more info on the band’s glory years here.


No single has been announced, but surely “Stick Up Jack” is on it, so here’s the video for that song as a taster. It’s a typical Feedtime track – fuzzed-out slide guitar, repetitive rhythms, pissed-off vocals, a general “fuck off” attitude. In other words, totally great.

BLURT will have a full review of the album around the time of its release. Can one of our legendary tag-team reviews from our resident Oz-rock braintrust be in the making? Meanwhile, though, if you want to backtrack and check out some of our previous coverage, you could do far worse than read “Return of the Prodigal Sons,” a feature/interview published in 2015 and authored by Ye Olde Editor. Discussed are a capsule history of the band, the origins of The Aberrant Years along with the This Is Friday outtakes compilation that the S.S. Records released concurrently with the Sub Pop box, and of course the reunion tour, which subsequently yielded a 2015 Australian tour with the Oblivians. (Fun fact: Editor Mills ran into Greg Cartwright of the Oblivians/Reigning Sound not long ago, and he was proudly sporting a teeshirt with a bright green frog on it—yes, the feedtime frog.)

Okay gents, ball’s in your court—live dates?






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