Would YOU Order a 10-course “Kid A” Themed Meal?

Kid A

I would like fries with that arugula shake, sir, yes sir!

By Perez Mills

This week’s official Food News comes via Pitchfork.com and courtesy Huffington Post reports. Seems that a Detroit-based chef named Kyle Handley will host a pop-up restaurant event he’s calling “A Night With Kid A”, and the Wednesday night dinner will feature a Radiohead-themed meal—each course corresponding, in some manner known only to Handley, with a Kid A track. Yeah, it’s that tenuous a gimmick. Dig in, punters.

01 Everything in Its Right Place: Pan-seared diver scallop, yuzu fluid gel, fried cellophane noodle, lemongrass ponzu, chili oil. With Pfalz Riesling.

02 Kid A: Black caprese. With Alto Adige Kerner.

03 The National Anthem: Pan-seared lamb chops, crispy pig ear, blood orange reduction. With 100 percent Mourvedre.

04 How to Disappear Completely: Oil-poached monkfish, white asparagus, white balsamic vinaigrette, daikon sprouts. With Leelanau Good Harbour Golden Ale.

05 Treefingers: Tomato granita. With cilantro-infused gin, jalapeño syrup, fresh lime, sea salt, chili oil.

06 Optimistic: Maple sugar-seared duck breast, pink peppercorn gastrique, orange juniper pearls, shredded confit. With Anderson Valley Knez Pinot Noir.

07 In Limbo: Shades of Bouillabaisse. With Cava VallDolina.

08 Idioteque: Arugula salad, sous-vide egg, lardo croutons, manchego crisps, crispy pancetta, smoked sherry vinaigrette, meyer lemon foam, caper dust. With Mezcal Chartruese sour, dash of Ango.

09 Morning Bell: Meyer lemon sorbet. With gin and tonic.

10 Motion Picture Soundtrack: Mousse dou with blackberry pâte de fruit Niepoort LBV port.

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