Official Springsteen Download of Philly ’75 is “Unbelievable”

Springsteen philly 1

Who said that anyway?

By Uncle Blurt

That would be me, yer ol’ uncle. As most Springsteen fans know, the 2014 E Street Band tour also ushered in a new era for the Boss: at his website he offered downloads of every show  (usually at about 10 bucks a pop, which is pretty reasonable when you consider a 3-CD bootleg might run you more than $50) not long after the event, typically less than a week. Then the Springsteen camp moved into the archival realm, notably a legendary show from the Darkness tour, a live broadcast from Cleveland’s Agora (Aug. 9, 1978) and long a prized musical artifact.

It was pretty great sounding too. But with the brand new offering, Philly’s Tower Theater Dec. 31, 1975, they’ve outdone themselves – the sound is absolutely flawless, the performance itself (New Year’s Eve, natch) getting hotter and hotter as the show unfolds. Why it wasn’t officially released back in the day is beyond me, as it would have confirmed to the general public what all the critical hype had been maintaining about the artist’s Born To Run tour.

Springsteen philly 2

According to the Springsteen website, the show was professionally recorded via the Record Plant Remote by Jimmy Iovine. More recently, the tapes (above) were unearthed and mixed from the multitrack reels by Toby Scott at Thrill Hill in January 2015, then mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering just a week or two ago. At the risk of sounding like I’m shilling for the Springsteen camp, I’ll just add that this is a must-hear, period. It’s downright unbelievable.

Below, just a taste – it’s from a bootleg and not the official download. But it’ll give you a taste…

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