NME Celebrates Music’s “Worst Hairstyles”


Axl Rose (above), Coolio, Rod Stewart, and of course Miley Cyrus…

 By Uncle Blurt

 It’s a hirsute celebration – or, more accurately, a deconstruction of what the New Musical Express is calling “Simply The Worst Hairstyles In Music.” Pop over to the site to check out an eye-popping gallery in which Axl Rose shows off his cornrows, Rod Stewart rocks his rooster ‘do, Miley Cyrus upends the Princess Leia model, George Michael grooms himself in a public bathroom, and Newton Faulkner demonstrates why white people should never, EVER grow dreadlocks. Though heavily weighted towards UK acts (some of them barely known on these shores), the follicular challenge laid down by the NME makes for a hairy situation indeed.


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