Nirvana “Bleach” Reissued in Dueling Color Vinyl Eds.



A guaranteed sellout, we predict.

By Uncle Blurt

That dry mouth sensation? That quickened pulserate? No, you’re not in the presence of some spectacular specimen of human pulchritude – we’re talking colored wax, jack! As you can tell from the photos above and below, Nirvana’s long playing Sub Pop debut Bleach is up for grabs once again, this time via the colored vinyl reissue nuts over at Newbury Comics. It arrives Feb. 26, and there are only 2800 copies total. More details from Newbury, below. Better act fast, kids. It would be a damn shame if you wanted this one bad but waited too long and it sold out, leavingt you with no choice but to blow your fuckin’ brains out in despair…. (Fun Fact: about 10 years ago I decided to unload all my Nirvana junk on eBay – needed the dough, yo – and in addition to snagging a sweet $1k for a promo-only copy of the band’s “Love Buzz” 45, I was able to net about $250 for my original Bleach LP that included a presskit as well. So here I am now, spending 45 bucks to repurchase Bleach. Admittedly, I’m still ahead by $200, but still…. colored vinyl junkies are nuts.)


The deets: It doesn’t get more classic than this. ‘Bleach’, Nirvana’s debut album, in a 2LP edition, featuring a 12-song live performance from 1990. While the album proper features classics like “About a Girl”, “Love Buzz” and “Negative Creep”, the live disc adds even more essentials, like “Molly’s Lips” and “Been a Son”. Truly essential.

We’ve got one version of this double album pressed on 180-Gram Blue with Black Swirl Vinyl and another version pressed on 180-Gram Clear with Black Swirl Vinyl. Both versions include a 16-page booklet and digital download. Was supposed to be limited to 1500 pieces, but only 1400 hand-numbered pieces made it out of the pressing plant.

As our previous Nirvana releases have sold out immediately, this edition of Bleach will be limited to one piece total per customer, so more people are able to get their hands on one.

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