Newcomer Alert: Video/Track from Bornstars


Support the home team, yo.

By Fred Mills

As the process of becoming jaded in the music biz these days is practically a given, the opportunity to step outside that psychological straitjacket and actually enjoy a fresh new face, without a single preconception or expectation, is to be cherished. So I would kindly like to introduce everyone to indie-rock newcomer Bornstars, essentially a one-man ensemble straight outta Atlanta. At least for now it’s a solo project; the sound is rich enough to suggest that the tour will find Mr. Max Boydston bringing in more than a few pals to help him flesh out what is clearly an expansive musical vision.

Boydston, a recent Berklee graduate (and the son of veteran BLURT photographer/contributor John Boydston, full disclosure), is prepping the release of his debut album It Is Whatever You Say It Is – details at his Facebook page, natch – and he’s got an initial video that will give you an audio-visual preview par excellence. The clip is dazzling in its own right, so you might need to wear some form of eye protection, fyi…. Check out “Lockdown,” below:

Lockdown – Bornstars from Samuel A. Kelly on Vimeo.

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