New Video From – best! band! name! ever! – The Evangenitals


New album inspired by a classic novel’s classic character, no less.

By Blurt Staff

The album is smartly titled Moby Dick; or The Album, inspired by you-know-what, and it’s out on the esteemed Fluff and Gravy label as of last week (March 18). The track is “Turbulent Flow” and it has spawned a quirky, kinky fresh video as well, which debuted on the web this week, directed by the amazing Sofia Garza-Barba from Mexico, who has worked with pop stars and more.

From the band: Juli Crockett Feldman, co-founder and vocalist, recalls how the track came about. “I’ve had a geeky obsession with the phenomenon of turbulence for a long time. The original idea for the song floated around in my head for years, but I knew I needed help writing it, as it was a new sound that I wasn’t going to be able to pluck out on an acoustic guitar sitting in my room by myself. We were almost finished with the album (determining song order) when our bassist, Joey Maramba turned to me and said, “I wish we had just ONE more song on the record, something a little edgy.” And this old idea popped into my head. I said, I have a song about turbulence I wanna write, but you and Mike need to help me write it.” What resulted was one of the greatest cowriting and execution experiences in the history of my life.”

Moby Dick

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