New Mogwai LP on Awesome Colored Vinyl; Listen to Clips


Fingers crossed – probably in vain – that the “Fat Man” track is a Jethro Tull cover.

By Uncle Blurt

It’s not due until June 17 via Temporary Residence, but it’s already causing a stir: no, not another misogynistic Kanye West platter, but the forthcoming Atomic by Mogwai. The label describes it as “based on their soundtrack for the acclaimed BBC documentary Atomic: Living In Dread and Promise… dramatic, dynamic, and absolutely massive. It’s the best Mogwai have Mogwai’d in as long as we can remember.”

Well, all right then! But here’s the REAL reason fans are getting worked up: as you might surmise from the image below, the vinyl version comes in a “nuclear sun” color scheme across the two LPs, and it’s also limited to just 1000 copies. Yer ol’ Uncle just preordered his copy because there’s no way there will be any of ’em left by June.


Here’s the tracklisting along with a couple of advance audio samples.

1. Ether
3. Bitterness Centrifuge
4. U-235
5. Pripyat
6. Weak Force
7. Little Boy
8. Are You A Dancer?
9. Tzar
10. Fat Man

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