Does the New Grimes Video Conjure the Foley Beheading Clip?


Depends on your frame of mind when you watch it…

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

Loving Grimes as much as I do (and I know she’s a favorite among the Blurt braintrust as well), I was still taken aback, at least momentarily, when the above scene flashed on the screen during the video for her new single “Go” (feat. Blood Diamonds). Watching her outdoors and kneeling in front of a sword-wielding man, I suddenly had thoughts of the James Foley beheading video. I had also watched that grisly ISIS video -of journalist Foley kneeling in front of a hooded man who, we quickly learned, had been holding a large knife or sword – and it made me sick to my stomach.

Certainly that’s not the intention of Grimes, but the temporal proximity makes the comparison inevitable for some. Luckily the rest of the clip is very arty and colorful and cool, as is the music. But I’ll be curious to see if any other Grimes fans who watch the video will have a reaction similar to mine. Watch it, below. Incidentally, the song “Go” was apparently written by Grimes for Rihanna, for some weird reason.

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