New Doors Book Examines the “art and influences” of Jim Morrison


And yes, you do indeed need another Lizard King volume on your already well-stocked Doors bookshelf…

By Blurt Staff

We were very stoked to learn of the impending publication of Shaman’s Blues: The Art and Influences of Jim Morrison and the Doors, partly because we are huge Doors fans around here, but mostly because the book is by one Denise Sullivan, veteran music journalist and longtime BLURT contributor, so we are always gonna cheer for the home team. It’s just out on eBook, and will hit stores in hardcover format on Oct. 1 via Sumach-Red Books.

Denise was recently interviewed by Jim Cherry, in a recent edition of his Examiner column. And also check out a video interview with her, talking to filmmakers Jeff and Jess Finn for their forthcoming film Before The End: Searching For Jim Morrison, in which she talks about Morrison’s poetry influences, notably poet Arthur Rimbaud.

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