More New Carla Bozulich Appears Online


Carla Bozulich’s latest full-length Boy is released on March 4 via Constellation, which describe it and the just-leaked track (at The Quietus) “Lazy Crossbones” thusly:

 The song’s sombre lilt delivers one of the album’s more lush and melodic passages, and, as a counterpoint to the more open-ended sprawl of already-circulating track “Deeper Than The Well”, illuminates the awesome depth of the Boy project as a whole.

Bozulich dips into her more abstract, primal tendencies on this album, hinting at earlier work with the Geraldine Fibbers and even Evangelista (nary a whiff of her occasional forays into folk and alt-country, however). But it’s absolutely, distinctively her own, a challenging collection of tunes that’s already found a dedicated audience here at the BLURT compound. Watch for a review in the very near future.

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