New Book Examining Bowie’s “Hunky Dory” In Depth Arrives

Bowie book

Not long before Ziggy played guitar he was hanging with a buncha kooks…

By Blurt Staff

The BLURT bookshelf continues to sag under the weight of new arrivals—in case you haven’t noticed, we cover 5-8 new titles each month, and of that tally, you can assume that at least three times that amount get submitted for our consideration. So here’s one that’s a no brainer: Kooks, Queen Bitches and Andy Warhol: The Making of David Bowie’s Hunky Dory (Jetfighter), written by best-selling author (of books on John Lennon, Elvis, Kiss, the Raspberries, Cheap Trick and others) and pop music journalist/savant Ken Sharp.

As you might surmise from the title, it tackles the Thin White Duke’s ’71 classic, which to be totally accurate should be termed the Queen Bitch’s ’71 classic but we won’t quibble with rock monikers here. In it, Sharp assembles an oral history of the album, capturing Bowie in all his pre-Ziggy glory via interviews with his then bandmembers, personnel at his label RCA, and HD producer Ken Scott. Interspersed is archival commentary from Bowie himself and late guitarist Mick Ronson. (The book is available exclusively though

Notes Bowie’s original bassist Trevor Bolder, “Hunky Dory is still one of my all time favorite albums – it’s my favorite of all the records I did with David Bowie. I have many fond memories of the making of it as this was the first recording I ever played on. Hunky Dory is unique, has wonderful songs of great warmth and feel and is beautifully recorded. Ken has really captured much of this sentiment and detail in his book, which I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend.”

Got all that? Right. Let’s go!

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