NC Pop Legends The Popes Issue Live Reunion Album


Rocked the Southern US scene from 1988 – 1992 and, 20 years later, rocked a Chapel Hill venue…

 By Blurt Staff

 Chapel Hill’s The Popes’ 1988 debut, Hi, We’re The Popes made asplash that surprised even the band (from Billboard to the CMJ charts). They released the EP, Afar, and additional singles, including a hard-rocking cover of Alex Chilton’s “I’m in Love with a Girl” that garnered national college radio play.

 Years later, they got back together and, on Feb. 4, 2012, rocked an outrageously great prodigal homecoming at Chapel Hill’s Local 506 club. They’ve now got the fruits of that performance available for download at their Bandcamp page, and you will dig it—especially if you are an aficionado of all things NC, Chapel Hill, and power pop. And yes, they played the Chilton tune. But of course! Go to that Bandcamp link now. Seriously. NOW.

The Popes:

John Elderkin- guitars, vocals
Henry Pharr- bass, cheese prophet
Steve Ruppenthal- guitars, vocals
Chris Garges- drums, cymbals
with Mark Whelan- 12-string electric guitar on “Hold On, We’re Coming”

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