Natalie Cole 1950-2015 R.I.P.


R&B songstress followed in the footsteps of her legendary father. Below, watch a live clip featuring their virtual duet.

By Barbi Martinez

Natalie Cole passed away Thursday, Dec. 31, in a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 65. The Associated Press reports that the cause was “complications from ongoing health issues,” although other media outlets have indicated it was due to congestive heart failure. In addition, it’s known from Cole’s own 2000 autobiography that during her career she had experienced bouts of addiction to heroin, cocaine and alcohol, and the fact that in 2008 she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C would indicate that intravenous drug use played a major part in her overall health scenario.

Cole will be forever remembered for Unforgettable… With Love, her 1991 album of songs associated with her father, including the title track that utilized existing Nat King Cole tapes to create a kind of posthumous duet between daughter and father. The album won 6 Grammys.




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