Must-hear Radio: 6 String Drag (July 10, 3pm, WNCW)

Six String Drag

Roots rock ‘n’ roll indeed….

By Uncle Blurt

“Support the goddam home team”: that’s what my late daddy said. And while he was probably talking about the New York Mets or some other hapless sports entity, those words remain absolutely true in spirit. So just take your ol’ Uncle’s word on this one: Raleigh’s 6 String Drag, of which we here at the BLURT fishing pier are die-hard fans, will be playing live on the radio this afternoon (July 10) at 3pm EST, on WNCW-FM (Spindale, NC, near Asheville). Those not in the listening area can simply go to and click the “listen live” button.”

6 String Drag on WNCW July 10

Our reviewer put it thusly when enthusing about the Americana outfit’s recent Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll album: “The guys in 6 String Drag quietly began plotting their comeback (term used loosely; the members don’t all live close to one another, so live shows—and recording sessions—have to be sketched out meticulously) a year or so ago, not long after guitarist/vocalist Kenny Roby had finished up his 2013 solo gem Memories & Birds… This resulting new set lives up to its title in every sense of the word—it’s rootsy as hell, and it’ll rock your ass off. My suggestion? Roll with it!”

Boy howdy to that. I know where I’ll be at 3pm today….

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