Musician’s Guide To Vinyl Available For Free Download


Or, everything you ever wanted to know about sex, er, wax but were afraid to ask…

By Uncle Blurt

Yeah, we love wax here at Blurt. We also love yakking about wax. And we are frequently approached by young musicians who want to pick or brains about wax – for example, “Should I pay all that dough to get my new album pressed on vinyl, or should I just stick with CDs and iTunes?” Well, fuck CDs, Jack, wax is back. And iTunes ain’t nowhere near as cool as when Jobs was still around (just ask U2).

So the folks over at Disc Makers have stepped into this timely topic by publishing a free handbook, “Te Musician’s Guide to Vinyl,” part of their ongoing series of helpful guides. It’s about the resurgence in vinyl records, and why it should be the serious musician’s format of choice. As they so succinctly note, Vinyl is back, and musicians and music consumers alike are clamoring for music on the format. Whether you’re considering a vinyl release or interested in learning the history of the medium and what goes into making music sound great on vinyl, this guide is for you.”

To that end, the handbook covers:

  • History and how vinyl works
  • Recording and mixing tips
  • Battling inner groove distortion
  • Recommended track lengths
  • Design and production

Go HERE to sign up for and download a free copy of their well-researched and –written guide. Definitely a solid effort. Did we mention fuck CDs?

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