MP3 Premiere: Powerkompany’s “Real Boy”

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Track from latest, very cool, album…

 By Blurt Staff

 Athens, GA, duo Powerkompany – aka Marie Davon (Venice is Sinking) and Andrew Heaton (Packway Handle Band), who joined forces in 2011 – serve up a uke-and-guitar buffet o’ goodness, and we are stoked to unveil the track “Real Boy” from their recent I Am More Than This album (available at their Bandcamp page). Check it out:

“‘Real Boy’ started as a song about Pinnochio, about a small wooden doll wanting to be a real boy. I wrote the song on lunch break, sitting in my car, dreading going back into work, and thinking about how I was a slave to my job. We all feel like puppets sometimes—that we’re moving for somebody else’s agenda, and in the song, the subject wants a completely new life. As the chord progression came together it really cried out for an early-1960s, almost Phil Spector-style production.  As the puppet starts to break free from controlling entanglements and really believe there actually can be a new, totally different world, the wall of sound grows and grows.” – singer Marie Davon

 Upcoming tour dates…

Sat, June 29 – Atlanta, GA @ Star Bar w/Photo Ops, Little Horn

Tues, July 9 –  Athens, GA @ Nowhere Bar (songwriters summit)

Sat, July 20: Columbia, SC @ The Art Bar

Sun, Sept. 15: Asheville, NC @ Emerald Lounge w/Detective

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