MP3 Premiere: Old Time Machine’s “All The While”

Old Time Machine

Killer track not on their recent album, in fact.

 By Blurt Staff

 Old Time Machine (Kyle Cashen, Ryan McNally) released their self-titled debut in October of last year.  The 9-track album was produced and engineered by Jordy Walker and has seen incredible reviews since its release.  The duo recently went back into the studio to record a new song “All The While” and a new version of “Where The Hell We Are” from their debut.  Check out “All the While”:

The pair took a different approach when recording these two songs.  Kyle Cashen explains, “It wasn’t fully live.  We tracked the drums together and then overdubbed everything else.  Partly, we wanted to experiment with adding textures and more subtle touches and partly we just wanted it to be different than our debut.”  The recording process also came with a few bumps in the road.  “We tracked the drums and then had to take a week off for some tour dates.  When we got back home, my pedal bass wasn’t working” says Cashen.  “We changed the cables, used a different amp.  Still nothing.  Panic set in because we needed to get the song done.  Ultimately, it couldn’t be fixed so we scrambled and in the end, wound up using the bass sound on a Roland SH2000 that sounds remarkably like my non-functional pedal bass.”  Both songs will be released digitally on May 28.  Shortly after the release, Old Time Machine will make their way to the States for their first ever U.S. tour.  The band will play Kalamazoo on June 3 and will travel throughout the east coast hitting Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York, Boston and more before wrapping up in Rochester on June 29.

Forming in 2009, Ryan McNally and Kyle Cashen came together for an art exhibition.  In a fort made of cardboard boxes, scrap lumber, thrift store sheets and chicken wire, the duo started as the art-show contribution of a bluesman and a bedroom-musician who were tasked to create works representing the long, dark Yukon winter nights.  The duo work together to blend Ryan’s studies of finger style traditional blues, with Kyle’s experience crafting ethereal soundscapes to create familiar, but distinctly original music.  Music that Uptown Magazine claims, “many will soon be familiar with.”

 Tour dates:

June 1 -Kalamazoo, MI – Louie’s Trophy House

June 3 – Chicago, IL – The Spill

June 5 – Canton, OH – The Buzzbin

June 6 – Frankfort, KY – The Dragon Pub

June 7 – Columbus, OH – Bernie’s Distillery

June 8 – Cleveland, OH – 21 Lounge

June 10 – Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks

June 12 – Baltimore, MD – The Wind Up Space

June 15 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall

June 19 – Cambridge, MA – All Asia

June 20 – Portland, ME – Dobra Tea

June 27 – Burlington, VT – Skinny Pancake

June 28 – Syracuse, NY – Funk N’ Waffles

June 29 – Rochester, NY – Tala Vera

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