MP3 Premiere: Chandler Travis Three-0


Track taken from awesome new album This is What Bears Look Like Underwater.

By Blurt Staff

East Coast rocker Chandler Travis, late of the legendary Incredible Casuals and prolific by anyone’s standards, has been multitasking his ass of lately with the nine-piece Chandler Travis Philharmonic, the Chandler Travis Three-0 and the Catbirds—the last two with new releases, This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater and Catbirds Say Yeah! respectively, both on Travis’ Iddy Biddy label. We have a review of the latter set to run shortly, while of the latter, contributor Mary Leary enthused, in a 5-out-of-5-stars review no less that compared the Three-0 crew to the mighty NRBQ, “Both Travis & Co. and NRBQ are versed in American roots music, most notably jump, R&B, and vintage jazz. And as NRBQ’s Terry Adams brought his experience of Thelonious Monk and Sun Ra to the Q, Travis channels a similar attenuation, resulting in what might be called avant jazz’s playful cousin….What you have is a collection of music so cumulatively beautiful that imagining its live impact is almost painful.”

We’ll ease the pain, then by letting you hear a track from the Three-0 album. It’s titled “Make the Small Things” and we knows ya gonna dig it…





Sundry Travis tour dates can be found at his official website. In May he’ll be doing gigs with both the Three-0 and the Catbirds.


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