MP3: New Carla Bozulich; LP Due in March


Boy is the latest album from Carla Bozulich, of Evangelista/Geraldine Fibbers/Ethyl Meatplow fame. It’ll be released March 4 via Constellation.

Check out this advance MP3: “Deeper Than The Well”

Bozulich’s first album for Constellation was 2006’s Evangelista, after which she adopted the Evangelista moniker for subsequent work, and released three more albums between 2008-2011. She has set aside Evangelista for now, to focus on the songs that form Boy, her third record under her own name, and her self-proclaimed “pop record.”

Constellation describes it as “within the context of her particular path of experimentation and deconstruction… a refreshing and much-needed reminder of what pop – as an oblique angle, influence, and intent – can do in the hands of a ferociously commanding singer/lyricist who has cut her teeth on genre-bending, genre–blending, and DIY aesthetics. Boy sharpens and focuses each song’s intent and structure; unlike most of the Evangelista work, this new album, apart from a song or two, would not be mistaken for sound art, dark ambient, or quasi-Industrial music.”

As the liner notes point out:

Boy is not strictly a “solo” album. While she wrote most of it, played the majority of the instruments and made the album artwork, the album’s creation was aided, abetted and sometimes rescued by the input of John Eichenseer (aka JHNO). John provided musical and technical input throughout the two-plus years of the making of the album, while the duo traveled and played together all over North America, Europe, South America and India – with a particularly fruitful burst of writing on a tiny island off the coast of Istanbul. They joined the Italian drummer Andrea Belfi in Berlin to record with his impeccable rhythmic support. The songwriting reflects a life of travel – remaining purposefully uprooted and nomadic, living without ever really unpacking that single bag – and guided by some of Bozulich’s most perceptive, honest and sometimes venomous lyrics.

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  1. Houdini Crush

    Saw Evangelista at Cakeshop and was completely mesmerized. I’ve never seen such an intense live performer — she was surrounded by 12 people but she walked into the crowd and all I could do was follow her. Amazing intensity. Looking forward to this album and the St. Vincent album. Year’s starting off pretty nicely.

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