MP3: NC Music Love Army Protests Regressive Legislation in Home State


In the tradition of “We Shall Overcome” —and if you don’t get that reference, shame on you.

 By Blurt Staff

 For those of us who live, work, gather, and in general just try to get along in North Carolina, the recent goings-on of the Republican-dominated legislature and governor’s office have been more than just dismaying—it’s like the clock has been set back to 1950, particularly if you are black, gay, poor, female, or even merely tolerant of lifestyles that don’t hew to a white rich male agenda. Raise your hand if you saw the beating NC took recently in Doonesbury, or on The Daily Show. (Hang your head if you know Buncombe County yahoo Don Yelton, as a certain BLURT editor can claim… no, we won’t explain that. Do your homework, people. Google the term “daily show north carolina don yelton” if you dare. Oh, add the word “racism” while you’re at it.)

 So anyway, the NC MUSIC LOVE ARMY releases We Are Not For Sale: Songs of Protest on November 26, on vinyl, CD and for download with worldwide distribution through Redeye Distribution (based in NC, yo). Here’s a choice cut, “We Are Not For Sale,” by our pal and hero Django Haskins of The Old Ceremony to give you a sense of where the ad-hoc collective of Tarheel types are coming from:

Says Haskins, about the track, “My wife and I had been going to Moral Monday protests for several weeks during the summer, with mounting horror at the avalanche of harmful legislation coming out of the North Carolina General Assembly. It was when Art Pope’s Civitas Institute posted the personal information and “mugshots” of the arrested protestors that my bully response button got tripped, and I sat down and wrote “We Are Not For Sale” in a feverish afternoon, did a quick YouTube video, and posted it. I’ve never been a political songwriter, but I have always had a moral point of view, and these guys just pushed too far. Within a day, I heard from Charlotte musician Jon Lindsay that he’d seen it and posted a protest song of his own (“NC GOP You Don’t Know Me”). Things have sailed along since then, largely on the tireless work of Jon Lindsay and Caitlin Cary. As for the recording of the song, my old bandmate Snuzz sang a verse, as did Slade Baird and Mary Johnson Rockers. The whole Love Army gang sang harmonies on the choruses. I’m extremely proud of what our musical community has accomplished so far, and i look forward to a celebration concert once these backward policies have been reversed someday soon.”

 Amen, brutha Django. Please view the album trailer that provides an overview of NC Music Love Army project: Donations toward this crowdfunded record can be made at: A massive album release concert and fundraiser is planned for November 30, 2013 at the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill. Proceeds from album sales and live performances benefit North Carolina NAACP, Progress NC and Planned Parenthood of Central NC.

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