MP3: Listen to Spirit & Randy California Live 8/28/67 (w/”Taurus”)


But what would Page & Plant say about track #5, hmmm?

By Uncle Blurt

Always a fan of Cali cult-hero outfit Spirit, and in particular Randy California (who I was fortunate enough to talk to all those years ago), I’ve been following the current court fight in England between Randy’s estate and Led Zeppelin pretty closely. It went to the jury yesterday, June 22, and I can’t predict how it will turn out. But there’s no question that, no matter how it does wrap up, Randy’s early composition “Taurus,” which predates Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven,” is eerily similar to the iconic song.

In honor of Randy, allow me to direct your attention to a pretty spiffy audience recording of the original Spirit combo performing live in Santa Monica.

MP3: Spirit – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Aug. 28, 1976

It’s a pretty decent audience recording, currently posted at the most excellent Big O Zine, and before you ask, yes, it does feature the band performing “Taurus.” Enjoy.

      Track 01
. Dr. Demento introduces the band (9.6MB)
      Track 02
. Farther Along (6.8MB)
      Track 03
. Fresh Garbage (7.9MB)
      Track 04
. Time To Fly (5.5MB)
      Track 05
. Taurus (taped paused just before introduction) (2.5MB)
      Track 06
. She Smiles (4.0MB)
      Track 07
. Animal Zoo (5.6MB)
      Track 08
. 1984 (tape paused after song) (6.7MB)
      Track 09
. Nothing To Hide (tape paused after song) (8.2MB)
      Track 10
. Sweet Stella Baby (4.1MB)
      Track 11
. Natures Way (tape paused after song) (6.7MB)
      Track 12
. Mr. Skin (7.4MB)
      Track 13
. It’s All The Same (6.5MB)
      Track 14
. Drums (tape flip at 46:06) (12.7MB)
      Track 15
. It’s All The Same (4.7MB)
      Track 16
. I Got A Line On You (tape paused after song) (6.4MB)
      Track 17
. Like A Rolling Stone* (13.9MB)
      Track 18
. Ed has his say (tape paused twice after Ed’s say) (1.1MB)
Second Encore:
      Track 19
. Dark Eyed Woman (6.1MB)


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