MP3: Listen to Patti Smith w/A Silver Mt Zion in 2007


Poetry and Canadian beer. A good mix.

By Uncle Blurt

Seven years ago, on October 3, 2007, Patti Smith arrived unexpectedly at Montreal’s Ukrainian Federation venue to perform a poetry reading. Also on the bill was Canada’s own A Silver Mt Zion — as her backing band. Talk about unexpected. The show was recorded by fans and subsequently became a heavily-traded favorite among file-sharers. Over at archival site Big O Zine they’ve resurrected the performance and made it available as a solid-sounding MP3 download, along with suitable-for-printing-out artwork.

Check it out at Big O, and see the full tracklist below. Big O comments: “When Patti Smith decided to do a last-minute poetry reading at the Ukrainian Federation in Montreal with A Silver Mt Zion, some fans even feared that the set would comprise Smith doing her own thing and then the Silver Mt Zion doing theirs. Fortunately that was not the case – the Silver Mt Zion gamely backed the singer-poet (just listen to their innovative and atmospheric playing on Written By A Lake) and could be dramatically frenetic as on Our Jargon Muffles The Drum.

“However, the lack of practice was evident when Smith fluffed Beneath The Southern Cross but decided to carry on after putting her guitar aside. (Even in those brief moments, the acoustic guitar certainly added another dimension to the performance and music.) This is very much Smith’s show – a little self-deprecating, gently humorous and when she’s onstage, you know she’s the one holding the fort. This team-up with Silver Mt Zion works because it seems easier to jam with someone reading a poem than playing a “regular” song. Only that when they are on their own, as on their instrumental pieces, the group has more freedom to soar, swoon or plumb the depths.”


      Track 101
The Lovecrafter (7.2MB)
      Track 102
Beneath The Southern Cross (aborted) (2.7MB)
      Track 103
Beneath The Southern Cross (7.6MB)
      Track 104
Instrumental (15.6MB)
      Track 105
Written By A Lake (14.2MB)
      Track 106
Our Jargon Muffles The Drum (13.8MB)
      Track 107
Death Of A Tramp (2.6MB)
      Track 108
The Blue Doll (3.7MB)
      Track 109
Wild Leaves (15.2MB)
      Track 201
Wilderness (8.6MB)
      Track 202
Gandhi (16.9MB)
Track 203 Untitled (26.5MB
      Track 204
The Writer’s Song (2.9MB)
      Track 205
Pissing In A River (8.5MB)
      Track 206
Ghost Dance (10.4MB)



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