MP3: Listen to Mark Lindsay do Raiders, Other ’60s Songs

Still trying to find his kicks, ‘cos he’s HONGRY….

By Uncle Blurt

Raise your hand if you are a fellow unapologetic Paul Revere & the Raiders fan. I’ve still got all the original 45s and LPs, and I’ll put much of the band’s oeuvre up with any ’60s garage-rockin’ Nuggets head you’d care to name – the Raiders were just lucky enough to have hit after hit after hit.

Mark Lindsay was the voice of the band, of course, and the heartthrob frontman, sporting the kind of classy ponytail that makes all you man-bun-sporting millennials out there look like cavemen headed off your job at the rock quarry. Lindsay is still performing (Paul Revere also still takes a contemporary version of his Raiders out on the road), and the mighty Big O zine has posted a complete Pasadena concert from August clearly demonstrating what a great voice he still has. There’s a little cheese and schmaltz here and there, but in between the many Raiders classics and a handful of covers like “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone,” the dude still delivers. Check it out at the Big O. Full tracklist is below.

      Track 01
. intro 1:34
      Track 02
. Where The Action Is 0:30
      Track 03
. Steppin’ Out 3:55
      Track 04
. Just Like Me 2:38
      Track 05
. Hungry 3:54
      Track 06
. Louie Louie 5:12
      Track 07
. Treat Her Right 3:18
      Track 08
. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 5:02
      Track 09
. Born To Be Wild 4:52
      Track 10
. Cinderella Sunshine 5:28
      Track 11
. The Great Airplane Strike 4:59
      Track 12
. intro 2:55
      Track 13
. Good Thing 2:46
      Track 14
. Arizona 3:45
      Track 15
. What’s It Gonna Be, Him Or Me 3:49
      Track 16
. Ups And Downs 3:14
      Track 17
. intro 3:05
      Track 18
. I’m Not Your Stepping Stone 3:09
      Track 19
. Indian Reservation 4:46
      Track 20
. Kicks 4:44
      Track 21
. Let Me 4:59
      Track 22
. Baby Please Don’t Go 6:59

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