MP3: Download/Stream Yo La Tengo’s 4/9/16 NJ Concert


Never sweeter a sound…

By Uncle Blurt

We do love us some Yo La Tengo here in the back of the BLURT shag-lined boogie van. 8-track, preferably, considering today is National Eight-Track Day. Just the same, we’ll take our Ira, Georgia and James any way we can get ’em, which is why our hat is doffed to the diligent archivists at, who have posted high-quality live Yo La Tengo digital files for free download – and with the band’s blessings, apparently – in MP3, FLAC or ALAC formats. Or, should you simply opt for on the run streaming, via handy Soundcloud files, at least as long as Soundcloud is still with us, which might not be much longer.

Yo La Tengo – Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre, 4/9/16

It’s all suitable for transferring to iPods, burning to CDRs, and possibly even moving over to 8-track if you (like I do) own an ancient 8-track recorder and player. Did I mention the stereo in my boogie van? Here’s the tracklist, and check the above link for photos, a nice review of the show, and recording specifics.

Tracks [Total Time 2:13:34]
Set One – Acoustic
01 My Heart’s Not In It [Darlene McCrea]
02 Periodically Double or Triple
03 Rickety
04 Automatic Doom [Special Pillow]
05 Did I Tell You
06 Black Flowers
07 Somebody’s In Love
08 I’ll Be Around
09 Deeper Into Movies
10 I Feel Like Going Home

Set Two – Electric
11 [intro jam]
12 Sugarcube
13 Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House>
14 Shaker
15 Before We Run>
16 Big Day Coming
17 Sudden Organ>
18 Autumn Sweater>
19 Decora>
20 Ohm
21 Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
22 [encore break]
23 Drug Test
24 Too Late [Wire]
25 Tom Courtenay (acoustic)

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