MP3: Download Rolling Stones’ 3-night March Tokyo Concerts


Have you heard about the midnight ROIO…

 By Uncle Blurt

 Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking… the Rolling Stones are old, old, old men, close to wheelchair age in fact. Hmph. Well, I’ll grant you that they ain’t as spry as, I dunno, Vampire Weekend. But ask yourself: what would you rather listen to, a smoking version of “Sympathy For the Devil” or one of Vampire Weekend’s whiny little ditties?

 So our friends over at Big O Zine have collected recordings of the Stones’ 3-night run earlier this month at the Tokyo Dome in Japan (as part of their “14 On Fire” tour), and for the most part the MP3s are top notch. Of the Feb. 26, March 4 and March 6 shows, the final one has the best sound, so since the setlists are very similar for each night, if you only nab one of ‘em, grab March 6.

 Big O has each night set up as a two-CD set for download, complete with tray panel and booklet PDFs for download as well. You can see all the details for the third night, for example, below.



  Disc 1

Intro 2:18 (3.9MB)

Start Me Up 4:20 (7.3MB)

You Got Me Rocking 3:38 (6.1MB)

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It) 5:00 (8.4MB)

Tumbling Dice 5:10 (8.7MB)

Angie 4:10 (7.0MB)

Doom And Gloom 5:00 (8.4MB)

Silver Train (Fan Vote – with Mick Taylor) 5:20 (9.0MB)

Honky Tonk Women 4:20 (7.3MB)

Band Introduction 4:00 (6.7MB)

Slipping Away (with Keith Richards on lead vocals; Mick Taylor joining on guitar) 5:28 (9.2MB)

Happy (with Keith Richards on lead vocals) 5:02 (8.5MB)

Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) 11:32 (19.4MB)

66 mins

 Disc 2

Miss You 8:04 (13.6MB)

Paint It Black 5:14 (8.8MB)

Gimme Shelter 7:02 (11.8MB)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash 5:32 (9.3MB)

Sympathy For The Devil 7:02 (11.8MB)

Brown Sugar 7:08 (12.0MB)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Senzoku Freshman Singers) 8:50 (14.8MB)

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor on acoustic guitar) 9:08 (15.3MB)

Here are the links to each collection of MP3 downloads:

 Tokyo Dome, February 26, 2014

 Tokyo Dome, March 4, 2014

 Tokyo Dome, March 6, 2014

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