MP3: Download Patti Smith’s 4/16/17 Melbourne Show

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Band performs Horses plus selected faves.

By Uncle Blurt

It’s been nine years since the Patti Smith Group toured Australia, and even longer since I saw her, so to nab a very hot audience recording of Smith performing this past weekend in Melbourne is a treat indeed. Over at longtime Smith supporters the Big O zine, the Sunday evening show is now posted for free download, along with downloadable artwork.

MP3: Patti Smith – Hamer Hall, Melbourne, Australia; April 16, 2017

It’s not only great sounding, it’s a raucous show as well; as Big O informs us, “The crowd sat for the first two songs, then during Birdland one enterprising young lady decided to make her way up to the front, which then led to a free for all abandoning of seats and everyone else rushing to the front and everyone in the stalls standing for the rest of the show.”

Added a reviewer at Australia’s The Age, “[Forty years after the release of Horses] and in the flesh, this holy figure spits, burps and whips her followers into a spiritual frenzy. Standing ovations were happening before the band played a note, and while the first couple of tracks built the mood – ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine’ – ‘Birdland’ saw people get out of their seats and march down to the front and out in the aisles, dancing, clapping and reaching out for Smith to touch their hands like she was, well, the Pope.”

Below, check out the setlist. Lineup: Patti Smith – vocals, guitar (on My Generation); Lenny Kaye – guitar, bass, vocals; Jay Dee Daugherty – drums, bass; Tony Shanahan – keyboards, bass, vocals; Andy York – bass, guitar, vocals.

      Track 100
. Intro 0:38
      Track 101
. Gloria 6:28
      Track 102
. Redondo Beach 5:05
      Track 103
. Birdland 9:20
      Track 104
. Free Money 5:25
      Track 105
. Kimberley 5:28
      Track 106
. Patti talks 2:47
      Track 107
. Break It Up 4:16
      Track 108
. Patti talks 3:42
      Track 109
. Land/Gloria 15:45

      Track 201
. Patti talks 1:39
      Track 202
. Elegie 5:31
      Track 203
. Patti talks 2:17
      Track 204
. Privilege (Set Me Free) 4:16
      Track 205
. Dancing Barefoot 6:03
      Track 206
. Ghost Dance 5:10
      Track 207
. Patti talks 0:34
      Track 208
. Because the Night 5:11
      Track 209
. People Have The Power 5:36
      Track 210
. Encore Break 1:54
      Track 211
. My Generation (The Who cover) 9:26

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