MP3: Download Neil Young’s Farm Aid ’14 Live Set



Worth it for the anti-establishment raps he lays down between songs…

By Uncle Blurt

Dangit, I did not get to attend Farm Aid this year – it was held Saturday in Raleigh, NC, at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, and featured Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Jack White and loads others – but I have a good, and timely, excuse: I was busy putting in my broccoli, kale and lettuce starts in my backyard box garden. Organic, natch. So it was pretty nice to wake up this morning and see that the Neil fans at Big O Zine had posted his entire set from the event as free MP3s for download, along with accompanying artwork. You can grab the tunes over at this Big O page. Setlist is below.

      Track 01
. intro by John Mellencamp 1:34 (2.6MB)
      Track 02
. Heart Of Gold 3:47 (6.3MB)
      Track 03
. Comes A Time 3:56 (6.6MB)
      Track 04
. talk 1 1:54 (3.2MB)
      Track 05
. Pocahontas 4:07 (6.9MB)
      Track 06
. Standing In The Light Of Love 6:26 (10.8MB)
      Track 07
. talk 2 3:42 (6.2MB)
      Track 08
. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem, with Mickey Raphael) 5:03 (8.5MB)
      Track 09
. Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth 6:22 (10.7MB)
      Track 10
. Rockin’ In The Free World (with Lukas and Micah Nelson) 6:14 (10.5MB)

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