MP3: Download Funkadelic Live ’74 w/Bernie Worrell


Getting down for the upstroke and paying tribute to the late keyboardist.

By Uncle Blurt

The Bernie Worrell tributes and testimonies continue to emerge in the wake of the erstwhile Funkadelic/Talking Heads member’s recent passing. Over at Big O zine, there’s a classic archival recording of Funkadelic  live in ’74 that features Worrell in the lineup:

MP3: Funkadelic – The Sugar Shack, Boston, MA; 1974.

The full tracklisting is below, and it’s a corker, as the saying goes. In the lineup of Funkadelic at the time were Worrell and George Clinton, of course, along with Ray Davis, Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins (vocals), Tiki Fulwood (drums), Mike Hampton, Garry Shider, Ron Brykowski (guitars), and Cordell Boogie Mosson (bass).

      Track 01
. The Goose 14:31 (24.4MB)
      Track 02
. Cosmic Slop 7:39 (12.9MB)
      Track 03
. Maggot Brain 8:56 (15.0MB)
      Track 04
. Red Hot Momma 12:03 (20.2MB)
      Track 05
. Loose Booty 7:59 (13.4MB)
      Track 06
. Up For The Downstroke 6:37 (11.1MB)

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